Hunting and Your Hearing

As popular as ever Hunting and shooting guns is very popular in the U.S. According to the Pew Research Center, roughly 37% of America’s 300 million people say that someone in their household owns a gun. Since many own more than one gun, it is estimated that there are 270–310 million guns in the U.S.(1) Furthermore, ... Read More


Love concerts? Keep your ears safe!

Originally shared on the Hearing Care Blog by Dana Luzon Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA Beware of noise levels As an avid concertgoer, I see dozens of live shows every year. But when I look around at the tens of thousands of other people, I am one of the only ones there with hearing protection in my ears. Even ... Read More


Why don’t people get their hearing checked?

It's more than a hearing test I was thinking the other day about 33 years ago when I was just starting my audiology practice. One day I had very lovely 83 year young lady who requested a hearing test. As with all my other patients I was interviewing/talking to her in my sound booth when after ... Read More


[VIDEO] Gear Challenge visits FLUXX Audio

Gear Challenge visits the FLUXX Audio SHOT SHOW 2016 booth for a demo of how custom ear impressions are taken for hearing protection and monitors.

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