We Know Ears

Our Mission and Vision

At Fluxx, we are committed to customizing and creating hearing protection and listening enhancement solutions for everyone, from everyday listeners to audio pros. Our expertise in sound, technology, and the human ear adds even more value to our high quality, affordable, and customizable product line.

It is our goal to not only bring the comfort and benefits of custom earpiece solutions to people around the world, but to also educate and raise awareness of the importance of properly fitted earpieces and hearing protection.


Our Products

Here at Fluxx Audio Inc., with our over 45 years of in-ear mold design experience and 25 years of Military headset design and qualification experience we truly understand the importance of hearing conservation.

We are making our debut into the consumer electronics market by introducing low cost, hi fidelity, relatively durable, safe listening solutions that everyone can enjoy without harming their hearing.

With that in mind, we have developed several cost effective solutions for safe listening in several areas.

For Active Listeners

Agile Ears is a state-of-the-art ergonomic headset designed for active listeners. It’s comfortable, flexible and lightweight with high quality sound that moves with you. Learn more about the outstanding features of our affordable headset system.

For Music Professionals

Passive noise reduction eliminates outside noise so you can listen more easily to the audio you want to hear. Our solutions simplify your experience by creating a quieter environment free from harmful noise.

Outdoor Sports

For outdoor sports enthusiasts we offer a variety of hearing protection and enhancement solutions for field and range use. The will assist you by enhancing sounds while filtering out environmental noise such as wind and rain. They also limit impulse noise to protect you from hearing damage.

Custom Solutions

 We listen to you to determine your personal, situational, listening preferences and provide you the service of designing your ultimate listening experience. 

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