Our Mission and Vision

At Fluxx Audio, we are committed to customizing and creating hearing protection and listening enhancement solutions for everyone, from everyday listeners to audio pros. Our expertise in sound, technology and the human ear adds even more value to our already high quality, affordable, and customizable product line.

Fluxx Audio is an extension of Microsonic, which was founded in 1964 and is recognized as one of the nation’s leading full service earmold laboratories. Microsonic has always set high standards to provide quality service, craftsmanship, products and materials to the medical community in which it serves.

In return, our organization receives great satisfaction knowing that our professional services benefit not only the lives of the children that we work with, but we are also confident stating that our work is a direct investment into the future of our communities, by allowing children to fully function in educational activities, without having to be concerned with distractions such as hearing loss and/or impairment.

Fluxx Audio Cares About our Kids

Fluxx has partnered with the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Foundation Hearing Auxiliary, in order to promote hearing conservation. During the month of May, the campaign “Cheers for Ears”, is highlighted in our community schools to raise public awareness of noise induced hearing loss.  Noise induced hearing loss is preventable and it is crucial to teach our children on how to protect their hearing before it’s gone.

Fluxx Audio is Passionate About Ears

Partnering with Microsonic, Fluxx Audio has over 50 years of in-ear mold design experience which allows us to truly understand the importance of a good fitting ear mold and customer satisfaction.

Fluxx Audio Adopts New Technology

We are always researching new materials and introducing low cost, hi fidelity, durable, safe listening solutions that everyone can enjoy without harming their hearing.

It is our goal to not only bring the comfort and benefits of custom earpiece solutions to people around the world, but to also educate and raise awareness of the importance of properly fitted earpieces and hearing protection.

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