5 Places to Give your Ears a Break


Every day millions of people are suffering from noise-induced hearing loss. Close your eyes, and listen, open your ears. What do you hear? How loud is it? Give your ears a break, consider the hearing damage you may face when going to these five places.

1. Sporting events — At any sporting event, it’s common for the announcer to edge on a “noisiest crowd” competition. People are stomping, yelling, cheering as loud as they possibly can as the floor shakes beneath your feet, are you wondering what the decibel level is? Most people are not. If you plan on taking your children to sporting events, make sure you give them the proper hearing protection. Once their hearing is lost, there is no getting it back.

2. Restaurants/Bars — Live music, loud conversations these are things you’ll be able to find in most restaurants and bars. Being able to know the decibel level when you’re out and about can be easy. There are plenty of applications that you can download on your phone to check the decibel levels around you. An app is an excellent way to check your surroundings to know that you’re not at risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

3. Movies — Not all movies are extremely noisy; however, most action movies are packed with powerful explosions or roaring races. As entertaining as these movies are loud, protecting your ears in the theater won’t disturb your experience.

4. School events, weddings, parties — Screaming children, loud DJ booths you know the scene, and you can probably hear it just when you think about the noises. All of these events invite the chance of hearing damage. Party with protection and make sure you’re paying attention to loud noises and taking caution when needed.

5. Concerts — A more obvious but still important place to wear hearing protection. Most concerts exceed 120 decibels, that’s immediate damage to your hearing that you can never get back. Rock out with earplugs, enjoy the show with less hearing loss.

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